Who are you talking to??? The Power of Association

Understanding the power of association and how to communicate information only to those deserving of it, will save you a lot of trouble and regret in the near future. Lives, dreams, good ideas and even relationships have been destroyed simply because those involved spoke the right things to the wrong people. This is as important as conceiving an idea itself because the wrong counsel can kill a good idea just as much as rust eats through iron.

Who have you been talking to concerning your plans, ideas and even your problems or challenges? Are they capable of giving you objective advice? Remember that if they are not the right people, you are certain to get the worst from them.

Who you share your ideas with matter.
A good idea shared with the wrong person will either suffer persecution or immediate murder. And what qualifies a person as being wrong?

Someone who has little or no knowledge on the subject matter other than their past failed experiences.

Someone who is fixated on a particular line of thinking, different from the point of view of conception of your idea. For example, someone who doesn’t believe that you can own a business and have it run by some other person will always tell you that starting a business you won’t be around to run is a bad idea.

Someone who is not creative and does not believe in creativity or innovation. These are those who strongly believe that the best is what is now available. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be till the end. Nothing new could possibly be developed.

Someone who doesn’t already produce results in that particular aspect, the kind of results you admire. Remember that we all are teachers in some ways. The only difference is while others talk based on their experiences and results, some others talk based on what they have heard or seen happen in the life of others, mostly dwelling on the negatives.

The friend or close companion who jokingly undermines your efforts or ideas. There are some friends and family relations you shouldn’t disclose certain plans of yours to because, though they might be genuine, at the end of the day, you might not want to proceed with the said idea. And remember that if all someone tells you are the risks and fears of failing involved in doing something, just go right ahead and do it. Nothing worth anything will ever be given to you without your decision to step out of your comfort zone and face your fears.

Nothing of value in life is ever free. You must be willing to give up on something and to do what others will never do for fear of failure or the unknown or whatever it is they are afraid of.

Someone who clearly doesn’t want you to go any further than they are. These are the ones who are putting in no effort to make any progress in their lives and will want you to stay with them.

The cynic; someone who always focuses on the bad rather than the good. They are the first to give you all the reasons why something will never work, even though they haven’t tried it themselves – well, that’s actually why they never try anything. They are the ones who have never played the game, yet, supposedly know all the rules and loopholes involved. You never will get anything encouraging from such a person.

If such people tell you forging ahead with your ideas will be a waste of time, just remember that it is better to waste time on something you believe in, something you believe has potential, something you are passionate about and something that will bring value to your life as well as the life of others if it pulls through successfully than to waste time on something not worth very much in relation to your potentials or passions. If you don’t ‘waste’ time on the things you are passionate about, things you believe you have been called to do, what in the world will you possibly want to ‘waste’ this time on?

Some after making such comments, spend hours unend in front of TV screens watching meaningless TV, or spend tons of hours on social media engaging in pleasant and irrelevant conversations and to them you are the one wasting time for going after what you believe in. I would rather waste my time this way than do it their way.

Many ideas have been smothered simply because the one who had them spoke to the wrong people. Note that the wrong person is not necessarily a bad person; they are just not the appropriate persons to share certain ideas or even challenges with.
There are certain things you shouldn’t tell some of your friends or family members, and again, it doesn’t mean they are bad people. There are certain people you shouldn’t talk to about your problems, because they certainly won’t understand and might take everything out of context. There are some people in your life you need to stop telling them about certain plans or activities going on in your life.

Generally, if we stopped telling certain people certain things concerning certain areas of our lives, we will stop getting some of the negative results we have been getting. Not that they are bad people; they are just not the right persons to share an idea or a problem with and if we were more discreet as to whom we share these things with, we will start experiencing improvements.

I personally believe in every idea. To me, no idea is bad if its roots are genuine. With the right plan in place, every genuine idea can succeed, and so, I don’t discourage people who share their ideas with me. I may point out an area they may have overlooked, but not discourage them in general.

It is equally important to note that someone who is good in problem solving may not necessarily be apt in objectively analyzing an idea. Be careful who you talk to and on what subject you talk to them about. If they are not the right persons, you are certain to get the worst from them. Remember I said discretion is a virtue we all must adopt every now and then. There are certain things my family members and friends have no knowledge about and I don’t plan on telling them until they have been realized.
Share your ideas, challenges and feelings with the right people; people who inspire you, people who have gone through that process and can better relate with you, people who are producing results in the area you are seeking advice, and with people who are able to contribute solutions and not present obstacles. Seek the right mentors and you will get the right advice. In every mentor, there is a friend, but not a mentor in every friend. And this applies with family too. The criteria for choosing who to share your thoughts, ideas, problems, plans and challenges should be people capable of making positive or objective contributions.

. . . . . .

Who you share your ideas with matter. Who you share your problems with matter. Who you share your plans and goals and dreams with matter. Just because someone is family or friend doesn’t mean they must know about everything you are up to. You are under no obligation to tell anyone and more so, if telling someone about your ideas or plans will bring you no results other than a reluctance to forge ahead with them, I would rather you keep these ideas a secret. Let them see your results. There is no crime in that.

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  1. Great works thanks for sharing i am takibg the right action and talking to the right persons now thanks

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