How Far Have you Gone?

“I paid a visit to two friends, or should I say sisters of mine this evening, probably as part of the Christmas tradition. While with them, we talked about all the projects we planned to start during the course of the year 2018, but failed to for one reason or the other. As we spoke, they told me one other friend of ours, our classmate back in the university had opened a shop – her shop.

For some reason, this news got to me in a rather shocking way. I happened to have spoken to the girl in question some months back, and we both agreed we were going to forge ahead with our business plans since we were both interested in business. We had already come up with what we were going to be selling and were both prepared – at least I thought I was, to start ASAP.
Now a couple of months passed and what did we have to show for it? She had gone ahead and opened her shop, while I kept amending my plans, readjusting the deadline and blaming my failure to start on a couple of reasons (excuses), with the current state of the nation at the top of the list. Here we were a reasonable distance from the point of conception of our ideas and only one person had anything to show for it.

What happened???
I believe it is what always happens. The failure to start because we didn’t actually take our commitments seriously, or think we are not ready, or think our resources are not sufficient, the time is not right, you name it……”
(Copied from The Christmas Message; Article 1
For those who haven’t gone through this article, we strongly advice you do so. Just check out the link:

This is not just some other story to amuse you. It is real down to the last word.
The reason we are bringing it up is because we are at another crucial turn in the course of the year and we – the team at inspiration2day, thought it wise to remind ourselves of some of the things we planned to do, at the start of the year, but still haven’t done them, most probably due to one excuse or the other.

While I was doing nothing about my goals, someone else was doing something about theirs and it pretty soon became obvious – they were producing results. While I was fooling around, thinking to myself the time wasn’t right, some other person was making that time right for them.

While you spend your time doing nothing about what you really want, others are making use of that same period of time. Bill Gates lived in the same period as most other people who are nowhere to be found today. Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, lived at a time, under the same conditions as many other people, but today, they are the ones we hear about. No one knows about the “others.”

Most of us set goals at the beginning of the year; financials goals – maybe to save a portion of our income for investments or something else, business goals, career goals, potential maximization goals, self-development goals and the list continues. To those who did; How far have you gone concerning the realization of these goals? What have you been doing since January?
Know that while you sit around doing nothing serious with your life and time, someone out there is making their dreams a reality by putting their hours to tangible use.

While it is true that we all have separate timings, we must understand that there is a clear difference between waiting for the right time and procrastination; the product of sheer laziness, complacency and fear, which often leads nowhere.

As we go on with the second part of the year I believe these truths will be of vital importance in our quest for success:

  • 1. If it is going to be, it is up to you

To succeed and make your dreams come true, you’ve got to go out there and do something about it. Life will not give you what you think you deserve. It will give you what you work and toil for. Stop waiting for others to make your life different, because the chances of that happening are slim. If your life is not working out as you thought it would, you are the one at fault.

When you develop an illness, you, in most cases, are the one who did something wrong which your body is now reacting to and until you stop doing what that is, you remain in crisis. The same principle applies with life. Your success or failure depends on you and nobody else and if you end up a failure tomorrow, just remember: it will be your fault.

  • 2. Timing is of the essence

What you do with your time matters a lot, for time is the soil on which seeds for our future are planted. You are a product of the actions you spent your time on in the past and the quality of your life tomorrow, will depend on the nature of your routine today. What this means is; your results today are a function of your actions of yesterday and who you become tomorrow will be decided by your actions and way of life today.

If you spend your time on unprofitable ventures, know you will end up with unprofitable results. Folly for folly and industry for industry. Garbage in, Garbage out.
If you could do these three things now, we are quite certain your results will change for the best.

Identify your life goals and purposes: That is identify what you want your life to be like, in all aspects; financially, spiritually, educationally, career wise and you name it, maybe five years from now or anytime in the future.

Clearly map out the actions required to make this goal a reality:

Simply put, if these goals were to be materialized, what are things you must do from now hence and the things you must drop? The problem with most people who set goals is that they get deceived into thinking setting goals guarantees success. Well it only does when you do what needs to be done to make them a reality. Writing a long list of goals and then going back to your old routine is a stupid thing to do; and what’s worse is thinking you are on your way to success.

Do what needs to be done, and do it as often as you can.

When your routine becomes centered only on your core goals and life priorities, your results will change for the best.

  • 3. If you don’t mean it, you won’t go out fiercely to get it

I remember the day I realized I wasn’t serious about my business plans. I realized all I thought of was starting, with no plans of growth or expansion at hand. At that point it dawned on me that if I wasn’t serious about what I wanted and become intentional in acquiring it, I wasn’t going to get it.

One of the reasons why we end up unfulfilled in life is because though we set goals, we really don’t go out fiercely to achieve them. We were never really intentional about them; being willing to do all it was going to take to get them. We fantasize having these things, but are not ready to pay the price to get them, reason why we start and soon quit. Become intentional about what you really want and be ready to do all it will take to get it, because if you don’t, you hardly will establish anything that will last for long.

Yes, there will be challenges and a whole lot of setbacks along the way and the impulsive thing to do will be to quit. But before you quit, ask yourself what will keep you from quitting the next time you try something new.

In life, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

  • 4. Our thoughts and actions, and not just our words are the real determinants of our reality

Though all these are important, we must understand that what we think and do are the closest things to depicting how our future will look like. Words can be deceitful, but actions, which stem from thoughts tell the whole story. Analyze your actions and see if they are in line with your goals. If they aren’t, well guess where you are headed???

If you do things that will in no way guarantee the realization of your goals, there is no way you will achieve anything, no matter how many times you confess otherwise. Always ask yourself: “Is what I am about to do helping achieve my goals or waste my time?” and act accordingly.

. . . . .

The reason for too many regrets today is opportunity sacrificed on the altar of unpreparedness, laziness, procrastination, lack of zeal, Luke warmness and no sense of purpose
Seven months have gone by and you have still not started. It is either you know what you are doing and that it is not really yet the right time or you simply didn’t mean what you wrote down in the first place or are just procrastinating. Time is the most important resource of them all. Stop wasting it and stop waiting to start big, go out there and start with what you have.

Nothing in life is without pain, but you will have to decide what that will be for you; the pain on the route to success or the pain of regret on opportunities sacrificed on the altar of complacency.
You have a task that needs your attention and you still have sufficient time to go out there and do something about it. Be sure to make it count.

It is never too late to go after your goals. Just don’t be the one who regrets at the end of the year for having done nothing tangible because of one mistake or another… Go out and do something…


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