The christmas message

The Christmas Message

A Word for the New Year

I paid a visit to two friends, or should I say sisters of mine this evening, probably as part of the Christmas tradition. While with them, we talked about all the projects we planned to start during the course of the year 2018, but failed to for one reason or the other. As we spoke, they told me one other friend of ours, our classmate back in the university had opened a shop.

For some reason, this news got to me in a rather shocking way. I happened to have spoken to the girl in question some months back, and we both agreed we were going to forge ahead with our business plans since we were both interested in business. We had already come up with what we were going to be selling and were both prepared – at least I thought I was, to start ASAP.

Now a couple of months passed and what did we have to show for it? She had gone ahead and opened her shop, while I kept amending my plans, readjusting the deadline and blaming my failure to start on a couple of reasons (excuses), with the current state of the nation at the top of the list. Here we were a reasonable distance from the point of conception of our ideas and only one person had anything to show for it.

What happened???

I believe it is what always happens. The failure to start because we didn’t actually take our commitments seriously or think we are not ready, or that our resources are not sufficient, or the time is not right, the country is in trouble. To these excuses, which I believe most of you reading this message have equally been making, I have this to say;

  1.  The only stupid idea is the one not acted upon

I already started my business, only part time though, but I don’t think I really had any growth plans; just getting by seemed okay. It wasn’t until I stopped and was seriously rebuked one time for it that I began to realize that there was more to it than I had seen. Most people have the same attitude; willing to just get by. They take nothing serious until they see someone else doing it and they begin to regret.

Understand that the idea you think you have has probably been given to ten other people and at the end of the day, credit will be given not to the masses who had the idea, but to the one who acted on it. If you don’t take your goals seriously, you won’t get much out of life, because a man’s success is a function of the goals he sets and more importantly the goals he accomplishes.

May be at some point the zeal you had upon conceiving that idea has suddenly disappeared probably due to fear and doubts and opposition from family and friends and you feel like it isn’t going to work. Well you will never find out until you try and always remember that there are dozens out there is almost the same idea as you and it gets really painful when you see others doing what you were once inspired to do, but failed to for fear of failure or a lack of commitment to what was given you. Don’t let it be your story.

Act on your ideas and even if they go sour, at least you know you did something. And one never knows, they may equally work out just fine.

Take your ideas and goals seriously and give them a try or else you surely will regret it. One idea correctly executed can change everything. It doesn’t have to sound ingenious or appear great. All it needs is an ingenious approach.

  • 2. Now is the time to act.

Do something now. If you keep waiting for “perfect conditions”, you may be waiting a really long while. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain. All conditions will hardly ever be just right for what you need to do. Will you keep waiting for them to be? If you keep telling yourself you are not ready or that the time is not right, it never might be. If you keep telling yourself your product isn’t ready, unless it really isn’t ready, it never will be.

We may have no way of assessing how our good or services will perform once released. However, what we can do is make sure we give in our best, go out for the best and leave the rest to Divine powers. Once you know you are ready, act promptly, lest your ideas die.

  • 3. Start with what you have

Others started at humble beginnings and today, have grown to astonishing levels. God will never leave you without a seed with which to start.

You don’t need to have all you think you need before you start. Start with what you have and what you need will be added.

It is common to see someone with 100000 FRS explain that he would have started the business of his desire if he had 200000 FRS. The person with 200000 wishes he had 500000 and the person with 500000 wishes he had 1000000 and in the end, they squander what they did have and never start anything.

Nobody ever started with what they had envisioned. They started with what they had and grew their resources to what they needed. As long as you underestimate what you have, you likely will never get what you want. Not everyone had the privilege of having all the seeds they thought will be appropriate for a favorable start, but hey they didn’t lose sight of the forest they always wanted and planting what seeds they had, it gradually went from one tree, to a couple more and today their envisaged forests are in sight.

If they kept that one seed waiting for more, they probably would have eaten or it would have gotten bad. I am not saying you start with just anything or any amount. What I am saying is at the time your idea starts becoming an obsession, if you look closely, you will notice that you have just the right amount of resources to start. It may not look that much to you, but it is.


Stop blaming the nation either and stop waiting for perfect conditions. Go out there and do what you have to do. Many only use these excuses as a cover for the real truth which is that they are afraid or lazy or into procrastination. If you run now, you will spend your life running. If you give excuses today, avenues for more excuses will present themselves tomorrow. If you say you are not ready, meanwhile you are only being afraid, you never will be ready.

I would rather try and fail, than fail to try for fear of failure. I would rather try and fail than procrastinate for fear of confrontation or problems.

I don’t know about you, but I felt like I had failed or had been wasting my time after I learnt of the friend who now has her own shop.

She made the bold step and started something she had planned to start and was passionate about. We all were in the same country, under the same conditions and when we last spoke, didn’t have the money to start, but somehow, she managed to move ahead while I stood at the same spot amending my goals.

. . . . .

A New Year is coming. Do you have any plans or will you just keep wasting time and endlessly amending your goals?

Resolve to start something; that business idea you have been amending unend. That degree program you planned on going in for, that book or song you planned to write. Whatever it may be, resolve to DO SOMETHING this season or it still will pass you by with you having nothing to show for it. Stop blaming the nation or underestimating your resources. What you have is what you need and money truly is all around you in the form of potential which you can tap.

Take action and you will look back a year from now with gladness, knowing you did something.

If anything, learn from the story just shared for it is real.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Highly Fulfilled New Year!!!

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