Are You Really Thinking About Your Future?_ Part 3

Every great destiny will have to fight many battles for it not to be silenced. It will have to stand the test of time and weather a couple of storms just so it sees the light of day. Knowing your future will be bright is good, but not enough. You won’t get there simply because you know it is bright. You will have to work your way and that will include saying “No” to certain opinions and watching out against certain incriminating dogmas, some of which is the purpose of this article. what are some of the things you should watch out against?

  • 1. Watch out against distractions, for their only goal is to derail you from the path.

Not everyone will have to deal with a Potiphar’s wife like Joseph did just so God’s plans for him stays intact. Yes, he had to flee fornication and even the actions of his brothers. Today, distractions are even more subtle and camouflaging and as a result, most of us actively promote and engage in them without even having a clue.

What is a distraction?

Simply put, a distraction is anything that does not contribute valuable results towards a preset goal. They actually serve the purpose of taking your attention off a preset goal or activity of real value to you. If you planned to read a book from 4 to 6 pm and at that time you rather find yourself watching a movie, unless that movie has within it lessons you need to learn in a bid to accomplish some other goal, you are being distracted.

Know that every great destiny will have to fight so it does not get aborted. Joseph fought and fought hard. Watch out against distractions; they are only side attractions, seeking your attention so they can keep you in detention….. Credits go to Bishop David Ibiyeomie for this one.

Distractions often start small

Don’t say it’s only going to be for the time being or that it won’t take long. Don’t give room for bad habits to grow, because experience has shown that great limiting habits of today often had humble beginnings. The participants said they were not going to spend so much time doing them; that it was only for that day, and before they knew it, they started engaging in them, on a rather too frequent basis. Distractions often start this way. First you have no interest in them, but soon start engaging in them in fairly small amounts, sometimes because you had the day off and thought of relaxing; thinking you had nothing important to do at the moment. Soon you start doing them every other day, still in small bits and before you know it you start having a hard time stopping.

Just remember that anything you do that does not add value to you or help advance you in the path to realizing your goals is a distraction. Unhealthy habits and addictions fit right into this category.

  • 2. Watch out against procrastination; The “Tomorrow syndrome.”

Tomorrow will often seem like the perfect time to do everything, but when the urge to push important tasks to tomorrow, or someday comes, always remember that there is something you can do today that will significantly advance the course of your goals and life mission, and it doesn’t always have to be something big. Anytime you say “I will do it later or tomorrow,” stop and evaluate what you are doing at the moment. Chances are high that what you are currently doing is not as important as what you are about to place in the cages of the “someday” prison. If what you are focusing on isn’t going to pay off with tangible returns, stop it and give your time and attention to what will, for the quality of your future will depend on the quality of the activities you spend most of your time on. Give quality time and attention to activities deserving of them.

  • 3. Watch out against unproductive pleasantries

This may be a form of distraction or a medium to enhance procrastination; Watching TV for hours nonstop, engaging in unproductive conversations unend, frequenting social media without having anything in particular you hope to do, say or achieve, and the list goes on. Just remember that overindulgence in anything that doesn’t help advance the course of your ideas or goals will sooner than later prove to be detrimental. Addictive habits have been known to engulf a man a step at a time. They start by taking just a small portion of your time and before you know it, it becomes difficult to stop.
“No!” is one of those words that will be of priceless help in dealing with such. Just say “No!” to anything that offers nothing other than a fleeting feeling of amusement at the expense of what really matters. If you find it difficult to discipline yourself or say No, eliminate the source or cause of distraction (there is always a source or primary pillar on which the building stands) or get out of the environment.
How you spend every minute of your time matters more than you know.

  • 4. Watch out against the deceptions of a smooth ride.

It won’t be easy and you need to know that. People who seem to contradict the aforementioned hypothesis will only lead you astray.
Keep in mind that hard times are all part of the process. Yes, Joseph saw himself in royalty. Nobody told him of the hurdles he later went through, but in the end, they all served to mold him and make him better equipped to manage what was later given him.
Keep your eyes on the prize, but know that tough times will come. Frustrating and challenging times will come – times when giving up will seem like the only logical thing to do, not to kill you, but to mold you. If you think giving up will solve anything, you are in for a surprise.

This is probably why you will need a group of friends or helpers; People to encourage you and push you when you feel like giving up. I know you need them, because I have found some and, boy, are they such help. Be careful, however, not to associate with people who aren’t going anywhere, because they will want you to stay with them.

For potential to be fully maximized, it must first of all be developed, tried and tested as Gold is. You will have to spend time working on yourself and your skills. You will have to weather the storms of test runs just so you know how much progress you have made. Nothing good comes easy. You see the players who earn most of the money in the sports world or musicians who do the same in the music world, they train the hardest. Those who desire the highest quality of gems, often dig the deepest. Do you want what’s in you to come out with the best possible quality? Then stop thinking easy. Determine not to give up, because, in the end that’s what matters; not those who were talented or first in class or those who had great ideas, but those who never gave up when their going got tough but pursued their desires with no loss in enthusiasm. We must do same.

You can’t expect a hundredfold return when all you are putting in is effort that qualifies you only for tenfold. Simply because you make a prayer or sow a seed doesn’t mean God will bless a venture whose growth you are not committed to. Stop expecting the easy ride and start putting in the effort worth the results you desire. Stop jumping in and out; starting today and quitting after a week or month. It will, in most cases, take time before any tangible returns surface.
The destination is indeed glorious, but buckle up, because the process will be tedious. You can be sure of that.

  • 5. Watch out against naysayers.

It has often been said that if everyone is in support of you or your ideas, then something is wrong with you or the ideas. People will criticize you and tell you it won’t work; that it will only be a waste of time; they will talk against the magnitude of your goals and will even call them unrealistic. While some of these people will criticize in good fate, always remember that it is better to try and fail, for what you believe in, than fail to try for fear of failure. Sometimes the fear may not go away, so you will just have to do it afraid. It truly is not easy putting yourself out there, but if you can’t stand up for what you believe in, what will you stand up for? There may be no guarantee that what you attempt will be successful, but you are sure never to succeed at anything if you never try. If you keep doing only what you know how to do or are comfortable doing, you will never become more than you already are.

If you don’t ‘waste’ time attempting what you believe in, what in God’s name will you rather ‘waste’ this time on?” Watching TV? Well, it doesn’t take much gut to do that after all. Give your ideas a try. Gather as much information as you can, for adequate information highly mitigates risk. Get all the counsel you can get and when it is time, dive into action. If you are waiting for everyone to give you their support, you might have to wait a long, long time.

Many people told Thomas Edison he was only wasting time, but today, the very same people who tried to stop him are glad he didn’t listen to them. Trying is no guarantee that you will succeed, but always remember that you will never succeed at anything if you never try. No wonder Sir Winston Churchill defined success as the progressive movement from failure to failure with no loss in enthusiasm [of course until you finally succeed]. If you fail to try for fear of failure, you never will do anything outstanding with your life and time.

Even when you fail, be careful with those who say; “I told you so.” That you had a first failed attempt doesn’t mean they were right. Just remember that it is part of the process. Stand up and try again.
Never take failure to mean you were headed the wrong path. Some will even say it is a sign from God, as though to mean it wasn’t supposed to be hard. Moses failed on his first mission but didn’t give up. Many have failed, but have continued.

There will always be people to say; “I told you so.” It doesn’t mean they are right. At least you tried something. Get up, learn from your mistakes and then try again.

  • 6. Watch out against complacency.

Starting will be easy. Continuing will be hard. When the frustrations start coming in and you feel like you made a mistake, complacency, giving up or conformity will seem like the best possible option, but trust me, it isn’t. It is in times like this that a friend to encourage you will come in handy. Refuse to be complacent or to give up. Refuse to listen to that little voice within you telling you to give up or run back to your comfort zone. It is that voice that will make you not to feel like doing what ought to be done. When you start saying you don’t feel like doing so, so and so, be careful. Hold on a little longer and everything will work out just fine.

Man’s default setting has been wired to seek comfort. When times are hard, your mind will try to talk you out of trying harder. It is at times like these when you suddenly will feel like it is okay to count your losses and give up. At times like these, that inner conversation within you will want that you give up and head back into your comfort zone and this is the most important juncture that will determine the future of the venture you had embarked on. Listening to that voice and giving up will cost you more in the future. Just say, No, and resolve to move on. Always remember that it is darkest before dawn.

Persistence will always pay off in the future. Refuse to give up.

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