Are you really thinking about your future_ Part 2

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I am back again with this “Thinking about your future” drama. Well, if it keeps coming up, I believe God meant for it to be so, for the season we are in requires that we keep abreast with what really matters. Better to hear it now than 10 years; only to add to the lessons people learn too late in life.

Again, I woke up this morning with this burden within me, and questions running through my mind; questions about my future and what I was doing now to make it all I had envisaged it to be; questions about my priorities and on what I was investing most of my resources. Here are some of these questions which I believe we all need to reflect on (these were addressed to me as I wallowed deep in thought and I know they could serve as yard sticks for you as well):

“What have you been spending your time doing?

Since you said you were going to cut down on TV time, plan your day before diving into living it and sleep early so you can get up early; have you been doing so? (And permit me say this here: If you have not been accustomed to getting up really early, maybe within the time interval of 3to 6, know you are missing out on a lot, because to be honest, it is as though early morning hours are the hours when heaven’s broadcasting signals are most audible; no wonder Jesus made it a habit to be up really very early).

So I planned on starting my day as early as possible so I could make the most of the quiet and solitude the period offers, but somehow anytime I had that in mind, I found myself watching TV or eating late in the night only to get up at around 6, 7 or 8, and from what I got this morning, it is as though I was being prevented from getting up on time, maybe because of what the morning had to offer…. (I will leave that here for now. Maybe write something about waking up early later.) So these questions kept coming in and they really got me thinking…. “Was I really planning for my future? If yes, could my daily routine attest to my assertive response or place me under suspicion?

To you who are hoping for a bright and better tomorrow, I ask…. When was the last time you consciously spent quality time working on your ideas or on developing yourself and skills for the use you knew they would soon be in demand for? When was the last time you committed your future to God in prayers… And I mean like spending diligent time in His presence?

With the way you are spending your time now and with the things you are doing; do you really think your future will be great? I remember a message from ASOM 18 (for those who know what it is), where the founder said; “Your future is predictable. There is a way you can live your life now and know you will suffer tomorrow.” In a bid to explain this hypothesis, he asked this question… “If you want to eat corn chaff, or corn and beans stew if you will, in three months’ time, what do you do???” Do you pray to God for it and then fold your arms? No. You proceed to PLANT CORN AND BEANS TODAY.

In effect, you must plant today the seeds of what fruits you will wish to harvest in your future. You will never eat corn a week after it is planted, no matter how much manure you put under it… Or as Warren Buffet puts it; “No matter how talented you are or how much effort you put in it, certain things take time. You can’t have a child in one month, even if you get nine women pregnant.” And you certainly won’t eat any corn if you don’t take the time now to plant any seeds, unless you intend to use any means necessary, and I do mean, any.  Babies take 9months to fully mature. So if you want a child by November, know that January is the time to get to work, not February or April or May, unless you want something premature.

The point in all this is; now is the time.  Now is the time to work on your ideas and give them all the attention they desire. Now is the time to plant the seeds for the harvest you will want in the future. Now is the time to lay the foundation. But unfortunately, most people seem to think now is the time to have all the fun, to relax and enjoy life. If you fit these criteria, know you will be required to pay, in the future, for your indulgencies of today, with a price even old age will prove no remedy for. In life it is either you sacrifice self-gratification for a great reward tomorrow or the other way round – yep… have all the fun now and toil in the future for bread to sustain yourself. Either way, know that small sacrifices of today will often pay great dividends in the future.

What are you spending your “now” on??? The year is almost running out. How far have you gone? Great accomplishments take time; and the greater part of that time goes to planning and working behind the scenes. We all admire Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff  Bezos, Jack Ma and what have you, but do you know how long they had been working and planning behind the scenes? Have you ever cared to find out?

Gates said he never took a day off from the time he was 20 till he hit 30. Jack Ma reportedly worked on his dreams (being rejected several times) for 8years before Alibaba is what it is. Amazon was launched in 94 after Bezos had been working on other projects since 86 and the company really became a hit years after because HE SPENT TIME WORKING ON THE IDEA FROM THE TIME OF ITS CONCEPTION UNTIL THEY STARTED BEARING FRUIT – THEY ALL DID.

The truth is; there is always something you can do now that will further the progress of your ideas. Question is how much of it are you doing and how frequently are you doing it. There equally will always be something lousy lurking around craving for attention. They are called distractions for a reason; probably because they are ever present even when uninvited. There will always be this movie or series to watch for hours unend and then the realization afterwards that there were other important matters you equally could spend that time on. There will always be activities trying to take the front row only in a bid to sideline and put in obscurity the things that really matter. Will you let them or will you stand up for what really is important?

. . . . .

Man is not the victim of circumstance, but the orchestrator of what circumstances he finds himself in, says British writer James Allen. Your results today are a function of your choices, decisions and actions of yesterday and so shall your future be drafted, by the choices you make, the decisions you take and the actions you execute today, or as Daddy Song said; “There is a way a man can live today and know he will suffer tomorrow.”

Stop wasting what resources you have now. Make the most of them for like we said earlier, the proper time to prepare for your future is now and not when you are already in it. If what you are thinking of doing isn’t really of utmost importance, please don’t do it. I used to say I could watch all the movies I could ever think of in the future once I have gotten my work out there and cash is pouring in from it. the future could be five years or more, I don’t know, but it is a philosophy that really helps me check excesses. It might do the same for you.

Get your work done and deployed first and when it starts bringing in returns you can go about having your fill of all the pleasures nature has to offer.


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  1. Hope this helps you reconsider certain decisions you have been making and actions you have been taking all for the betterment and complete maximization of the fullness of the potentials God has so generously lavished on you.

    There really is little or no time to waste.


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