Are you really thinking about your Future?

I woke this morning so caught up in thought about my future. In fact, that thought is what practically woke me up today. After having spent the night doing some things which were not so very important, the thought about my future and how I was preparing for it really got to me.

We all want a better future and I believe more than 80% of those reading this have well spelt out goals, visions and dreams. Yes, we want a better tomorrow and who wouldn’t want that? But why is it that out of the multitudes that talk of wanting a better and brighter future, only about a handful actually gets there? It was clear that those who did make it did things differently from those who didn’t.

These questions kept me thinking.

What have you been doing in regards to the future you so enthusiastically talk about? What have you been putting in place to make sure these mental images transcend your imaginative reality to your actual reality? How are you preparing? What are you doing differently?
We all know the definition of insanity – at least most of us do, and we keep quoting it as if to say we are any different from those that definition addressed. In one way or another, we are all insane. Yes, you are. And why do I say so? We keep saying what we think we want, but do the very same things we have been doing before. We want our futures to be different, but spend our time now on unproductive activities. Are we really any different from the mentally insane?

How do I know you are not thinking about your future?

  • 1. Has your routine changed?

You see, the very evidence of change is not in the words a man so eloquently speaks, but in the actions he takes. Our actions, and not our words, are better judges of the changes we anticipate in life. If your actions, or routine if you will, after you wrote down your goals, remain the same as at before, you aren’t thinking about your future. You think you are, but you aren’t. Less Brown once said; “Wants show up in conversation, but expectations show up in behaviour.”

If you really say you are thinking about your future, your routine must change. Why so? Because to get results you have never before gotten, you must do the things you have never before done and this clearly demands a change in your old routine. Getting to your anticipated future will need physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social and financial developments. You will have to read more than you have been doing in the past. You will have to do things differently.

If presently you sleep for the same hours as you did before you had goals, how can you say you are really thinking and working towards a future? If you spend your time doing the same things you did when you had no clue about your future; engaging in unproductive conversations, disproportionate relaxation (watching movies for as long as you used to), how can you say you are thinking and working towards that future? If you spend time procrastinating as you used to, how can you say you are thinking about your future?

A man who really has his future at heart doesn’t need to tell you. His actions will relay any massages words will fall short of. There will be a change in his routine. You hardly will find that man doing things the same way he did them before having awareness of his future and how he wants it to be like. He will do things differently; his sleeping routine will change, relaxation routine will change, conversation routine will change – practically his entire life will change. His actions will change because he carries with him at all times what he wants his future to look like.

If you keep doing the same things, or you keep doing things the same way you did before having a mental picture of what future you desire, you are insane. If your routine does not change, your results, no matter how much you talk about them won’t change either.

How do I know you are not thinking about your future?

  • 2. What steps are you taking?

When two people plan on getting married, at some point it becomes real evident to close companions. Why? Because you see them doing things differently, and taking steps to make sure everything goes on smoothly.

Today, we write goals down, keep them locked up in a book and go back to do the very same things we did in the past. If you are not taking action oriented and result producing steps in the direction of your goals, how do you expect to have different results? Some people pray and then fold their arms and stay at home, expecting some miraculous solution. You really are insane.

For your future to be as exact as you envisaged it, you must act accordingly. Sometimes you will need to read books on a particular subject, or listen to tapes. Sometimes, you will need to learn from mentors and at other times you will have to go out to the streets and do something, and keep doing it till you get the results for which you went out. If you are not doing any of these right now, how can you say you are thinking about your future?

What steps are you taking today to make your imaginative reality your experiential reality? What pans are you executing? It is not enough to just say it or write it down. If your words are not backed by action, your present condition might as well be the only condition you will ever experience. For there to be a change in results, there must first be a change in action. If nothing changes in your actions, don’t expect any changes in your results, because that would mean you are insane.

There must be something you can do at any one time to advance the course of your goals. There always will be a book to be read, a call to be made, a goal to be readjusted, a plan to be executed, a pitch to be pitched, some feasibility study, a visit, a sale or anything. There will always be something to do. Are you doing any right now? Or are you coming up with excuses to support your lack of action? Just keep in mind that you aren’t fooling anyone. Every decision you make today will affect only your reality.

How do I know you are not thinking about your future?

  • 3. How often do you do what needs to be done?

Nothing good comes easy is a saying we all know. But how many of us live by it?
It is not enough to do the right thing today and then stop doing it after a week. Warren Buffet said no matter how much talent you have or how much effort you put in, some things just take time and you will have to keep at it as often as you can till you get your expected results.

Whether or not you make it in the end greatly depends on your commitment and discipline. It will be a hard, challenging and frustrating ride, but hey, if it were easy, everyone will be at the top. So don’t expect it to be. This is why you will need people who can motivate you when you are weak or feel like giving up; people who will drag you out to sell when you feel tired and frustrated; people to push you up as well as pull you up when need be. We all need such people every now and then, so surround yourself with them.

. . . . .

Your future is more important than anything unproductive you are doing right now. It is more valuable than what pleasures you think you are getting right now. You possibly can’t afford to lose it. But it won’t just come on angels wings either; you will have to step out there and make it a reality. Most of us today, especially the youths still go by the saying; “I still have time.” or “I am still young,” as if to say there is a specific time interval we all must arrive at before it becomes okay or legal for us to start thinking about our future. Unfortunately, those who say this are often amazed at how fast time flies with them having done nothing.

Always remember that those who are making a difference now started preparations years back and those who will take the world by surprise in the future are those who will start making adequate preparations now.

The tomorrow you hope will be, if it is going to be, must be planned now, and not at any other time. The man who wishes his tomorrow to be different goes out now and does that which it will take to make it so. The wise don’t prepare for their future when in that future. They do so now.


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